Economic impact analysis

The economic impact analysis provides the starting point for the SIA, as many of the other effects are consequences of the agreement's economic effects. The analysis is not restricted to changes in Angola's and the EU's exports and imports but covers a broad range of economic factors.

Among the issues that the economic analysis will comprise are:

  • The impact of removing both tariffs and non-tariff barriers affecting trade in goods and services, and investment;
  • A review of regulatory measures affecting bilateral trade;
  • An analysis of the possible impact on governance and business environment;
  • A review of the negotiation and implementation capacities and the potential need for support in Angola;
  • The impact on SMEs as well as on participation in global value chains; and
  • The impact of Angola's accession to the EPA on regional integration, as well as on the EU outermost regions.

The starting point for the analysis is an economic (partial equilibrium) model simulation undertaken by the Commission, complemented by additional quantitative and qualiative analysis.